illio friday on monday (robot)

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Cyborg Venus. I love old style tin robots but I just did not think I could do it justice – yet. Although – I did learn a lot on this one – but mostly I learned how little I know about photoshop. . .But all in all a good time. For more robots  and for some fantabulous old fash. robots.    Now to scope out others robots – someday I will get through every link! 

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  1. Amy Zaleski Says:

    Whoah!!!!!!! That is soooo cool!! I never even thought of something like this – it’s awesome! :P

  2. Lea Says:

    Glups! That’s so scary but still amazing! Very original idea indeed. To think that Venus may have been an alien robot?… You did a great job photoshopping, too!

  3. Eric Says:

    Tiffini, you kick ass! I love the variety you have on your page. You have a very refreshing and aesthetically pleasing site and blog. This latest Venus/Robot piece is great. Do you call her Vobot or Renus or Ronus or Vebot? It’s such a great piece, it really changes the feeling of the original Venus ALOT, she’s kind of scary now! I love so much about it, but her Left Robot eye is very, very cool. Great work! Eric :twisted:

  4. PPC Says:

    Venus-bot is totally Rad! What a terrific concept, almost like the movie “They Live” taking place in Victorian times.

    This would make a killer sci-fi book cover. A far off civilization of cyborgs are trying to re-create their favorite era of “old earth”. They send one of their own back in time to bring back artifacts and a true social record of the time. Of course Venus was picked as she was one of their most enlightened historians of that period. With out question the old time travel paradox comes into play, she must not change history or the future may be comprised. Somehow after she has traveled back in time, the future cyborgs keep stumbling across paintings of Venus.

    This is the best piece I have seen for “robot” so far.

  5. carla Says:

    I think this Venus Robot is awesome! I love the idea that for her, beauty is only skin deep! Not only are the peeks into her indder workings cool, you’ve even shown her robotic eye! This is just wonderflly imaghinatve and beautifully executed. I agree with PPC that this would make such a cool book cover…or a CD cover…something! It has a great look and the possibility of many different interpretations. Great job!

  6. Tony LaRocca Says:

    That is too cool for words. I’d love to know Decaying Robot Venus’ story.

  7. Deb Says:

    You are sooooooooo clever & talented! And you say you barely know photoshop? Sheesh! I can barely remember which layer I’m on – LOL.
    This is TOTALLY fantastically imaginatively AWESOME!

    I love her inner workings and especially her EYE! (and we thought she was just an artist’s rendering…little did we know what lay beneath!)


  8. Sharon Says:

    You deserve to know that this image is amazing. Thank you for where it makes my mind go…

  9. kellyrae Says:

    i am just now learning photoshop and your image inspires me to keep learning just when i thought i was getting discouraged! thank you!

  10. andrea Says:

    Now *that’s* a droid. Fantastic image! :!:

  11. AscenderRisesAbove Says:

    Interesting image!

  12. Bron Smith Says:

    Wow, Tiffini! You sure came up with an amazing idea this time. I think this is my favorite one. Just beautiful.

  13. erika Says:

    Oooooooo, this one is really cool and a bit creepy. Love it!

  14. Sarah Says:

    This is amazing! I especially love the robotic eye.

  15. aynaku Says:

    great concept and very well done! I really like those robotic details you inserted in Botticelli poor Venus’s face and neck…
    amazing! i wonder what the Master would think of this


  16. Jennifer Says:

    Fabulous piece, Tiffini. Very creative … scary … It invites us in to hear a whole new story. I’m reformating already….

    Jennifer 8)

  17. Roz Says:

    Wow. Scary, Tiff! You did a bang-up job with Photoshop. Her cyber-eye looks almost Asian–and more alive than the other, which adds to the eerie quality. What’s happening to her? She looks like she’s disintegrating–along with what looks like the film she’s captured within. Beautiful and alarming work, Tiffini. 8O

  18. Sweet Pea Says:

    I knew she was too perfect to be human! Very nice concept and very well done.

  19. Joy Says:

    Very Sci-Fi! Love it..fantastic illo

  20. Moon Says:

    This is really good. Don’t let Photoshop intimidate you. It is smarter than all of us put together. I agree with the above comment that this would make a great sci-fi cover. It makes me think of the book Mona-lisa Overdrive. But this would be Venus-Afterburn.


    (Thanks for having a devil smiley.)

  21. Michael Says:

    I love the blending of classical Roman mythology and the “man behind the curtain” technology. I also like that you went for Venus over Aphrodite, she didn’t need no cyborg implants! :lol:

    Love it!

  22. tongue in cheek Says:

    venus the love goddess a robot, can she be programmed? can she say what i want her to say? She has two different eyes, the feeling eye and the mechanical eye? is this love to come?
    Fantastic use of robot!

  23. benconservato Says:

    that is very original, I would never have thought of that, it is the most original robot this week I think.

  24. thesoulofhope Says:

    This is great!!!!

  25. tiffini x Says:

    Thank you so much Amy and Lea! And Eric – I don’t even know what to say you made my day (you kick ass). . .hmmm I kind of like Renus or Vebot!?
    Princess Pepper Cloud and Carla – Thank you so much what great insight and I am so touched by your comments.
    Tony – Grazie loved your newest animation.
    Deb – Thank you so much!! You are always so encouraging. . .it is true though my brain almost exploded trying to learn how to do these knockout layers. And still I really did not do them right!! 8O Oh well it will make sense someday until then smoke and mirrors. . .

  26. tiffini x Says:

    Thank you for all the nice comments all y’all. I really appreciate the feedback, the encouraging comments and you stopping by! I really need to redo my smilies. . .

  27. Cheap Tart Says:

    Very cool! Found this originally on UR Flickr!

    The Tart
    ; )

  28. Angela Says:

    This is really nicely done! My favorite part is that shiny forehead. This looks like a very pricey advanced robot.

  29. Twisselman Says:

    Yes, very cool. I don’t think I’ve seen a similar take on the topic yet… but it reminds me of ‘Westworld’, where robots (Yul Brynner plays one) are programmed to give the customers a wild west gunfight experience… but eventually they rebel… anyway, there’s a scene where they remove the lifelike faceplate to reveal the inner workings… and, heavy sigh, that’s why this reminds me of that… sorry ’bout the long exposition, but leave it be said that I think this is way cool.

  30. Holly Says:

    Wow… I said outloud as I opened your blog! I always love what you do, but this piece is just amazing. I love it!

  31. Trevor Pitt Says:

    Awesome idea! I always thought Venus was a bit mechanical looking. I used to think it was just Botticelli, but now I have a new conspiracy theory. Cyborgs are hot! Except for that bald one that was in Bespin (aka Cloud City) during Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He does nothing for me.

  32. The Unknown Says:

    What a great mind you have and I think you pulled it off wonderfully!
    I love it! ::

  33. Cheap Tart Says:

    Loved UR comment on my bloggy bout the W hump!! Made me laugh so hard. ; )

    Still adore this image, so cool!

    Big smooch,
    The Tart

  34. Lori Witzel Says:

    I must get busier checking IlloFriday — how could I have missed this fabulous concept/execution?!

    Brilliant take on the concept…a mechanical heart under the lovely delicate skin.

  35. bubblegum Says:

    ooh that’s freaky >!

  36. Stacie Says:

    You need to have things (ANYTHING) made with this image on it..
    It is incredible!!!
    just incredible!!!