illio friday (under the sea), inspire me thursday (digital art) and a tag on monday

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Illio friday’s topic is under the sea and Inspire me Thursday’s is digital art. Since I am so new to digital art I try and just focus on learning different aspects of photoshop for each piece. Learning about layers or how the heck to use the lasso tool, etc. This was created in photoshop CS2. But if you don’t have photoshop Gimp is a good open source free program. Or for more free image editing programs. Or for fun – if you want to simulate an oil painting.

I do have a few favorite places as I learn. For fantastic images my favorite place to start is the NYPL digital gallery. My favorite place for photoshop brushes is deviantART. For borders I just have not found that many I like yet. Any ideas or places I should scope out? I need to start a link section for digital goodies. Here is the tutorial for the border on this picture. Click for supersize.

Also I was tagged for this meme by sweet Lea a gazillion years ago. . .memes and cockroaches all that will be left someday.
Five minutes to yourself: play a videogame still trying to finish grand theft san andreas. . .waiting for halo 3)
Five bucks to spend right now: how would you spend it?
potato cassoulet at the breadboard and a red bull
Five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn’t thought of already? mini disc player (those never did catch on), one of my many blunt corkscrews, a case of old grolsch bottles I have been lugging around for a bazillion years for the day I decide to become a brewmaster – hasn’t happened yet. . .
Five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house? Instant hot water, tivo, computer, art supplies, videogames
Five words you love?
fantastic, truthiness, o’nubbalebel (whole ‘nother level), Lovely, stylin’

tagging Sarah, Jen, Erika, Deb, and all y’all – if you are up for one and if not no worries.

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  1. valgalart Says:

    I can’t believe that you said you are new to this because I would never have guessed that! This and robot are amazing!!! I love the way you combine vintage and contemporary in such a balnced way! It is so appealing to me, love both!!! :roll:

  2. aynaku Says:

    yes, i agree w/ val…
    it’s hard to call you a beginner! about borders i think you might try the blur options in Illustrator also….
    great illo.

  3. firstborn studio Says:

    the image is fantastic,lovely,stylin’!!!! to use a few of your favorite words!
    it is really fun,whimsical and sophisticated,too!
    so glad you liked all the paper toys i sent,would love to see how you use them!

  4. Joy Says:

    Wow! so much info on this post…
    I love your illo for under the sea!!!!

  5. audrey Says:

    Tiffini…one word…stunning, beautiful, mesmerizing, fab. Oh sorry, I couldn’t stop myself at one. I love it.

  6. vincent Says:

    This is a really WONDERFUL image. Certainly not indicative of a beginner.

    a word of caution when using the NYPL images in the faq section it reads:
    NYPL Digital Gallery is a free service from The New York Public Library offering hundreds of thousands of digital images of historical materials from The Library’s original, rare and specialized holdings……. NYPL provides free and open access to its Digital Gallery and images may be freely downloaded for personal, research and study purposes only. More. .

  7. Deb Says:

    OMG! Tiffini! You are becoming a knockout expert at photoshop! This is the best one yet! I am dying here, girl!
    Can you say, “FANTASTIC, MESMERIZING, DREAMY, GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, ORIGINAL, UNBELIEVABLE…and, and….” well – I just don’t know what else to say. When I get a chance, I intend to check out the places where you are learning your craft. You are so inspiring to me, woman!


    p.s. Did I say how much I love you & your art? LOL

  8. alteredanything Says:

    kewl stuff especially the light boxes!!!!-May 1,2006
    Sanaya Roman fave authoress

  9. Brandi Powell Says:

    Very nice! I love the creativity here. My husband says I can work a woman into any theme, looks like you can also! Brandi

  10. Michael Says:

    Fun picture! If you are looking for lots of borders to play with and Photoshop actions in general that are free and power, look no further (make sure to check the downloads page for the borders/actions). ::

  11. Michael Says:

    One more thing, some of the frames they have there are fairly campy and cheesy (which can be fun), but if you check them all out there are also some pretty classy ones.

  12. Twisselman Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the very nice words… but I have absolutely nothing on you when it comes to the underwater lighting… I do believe you have a much better handle on it than I. Great illustration. I love the posts that tell stories… or let the viewers come up with their own. Way cool.

  13. cocos Says:

    Way cool! This is a great composition.

  14. tiffini x Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful comments and encouragement. And for the links and idea for illustrator Massimo.
    Denise – you are the best. Thank you that was too kind of you to send me all that.
    Vincent – so true – thank you so much. . .you do have to be so careful when it comes to the public domain. It is still such a great place to get info on images. Of course if it is something I really love there is always eBay.
    Deb- Ummm – Wow coming from you that means so much. You are such an inspiring and encouraging artist. A real artists – artist you know, thank you so much!!
    Thank you – I should be posting more light boxes soon here.
    I really need to update my smiley faces – I need more choices! Oh well someday here. . .

  15. Erika Says:

    Fantabulous art like usual Tiffini! I am so jealous – I wish I had the patience to do something like that – not to mention the skill! and I definitely want in on the contest so I guess I will sit down and read a good book by my fave, David Sedaris, and see if I can get my hands on those earrings. Cheerio!

  16. Sweet Pea Says:

    What a lovely dreamy, circusy waterworld you have created. You are so clever!

    Oh yeah: Philip Pullman, if you haven’t read “His Dark Materials” yet, you must! I think you might love it!

  17. wertkent Says:

    Your work is fantastic, lovely, stylin’, and full of truthiness on an o’nubbalebel (whole ‘nother level). nufsed. :roll:
    ‘cept I wish I had hours and hours to appreciate all of its detail — including the blog.

  18. steve Says:

    Very cool–love the composition and colors in this one!

  19. andrea Says:

    These are too cool. And I keep coming back to look at your weird and wonderful illo Friday image. I love your imagination! As for authors, I have many favourites, but I’ll nmae just one just in case… Michael Ondaatje. 8O

  20. Roz Says:

    a death-defying, Houdini-woman with not only the courage to disentangle herself from knots under the sea, but the talent or technology to keep that gorgeous and crazy white outfit white! This is a wonderful, magical image. It would make a perfect “Magician” card for a tarot deck. Ever think of doing a tarot deck?

  21. thesoulofhope Says:

    Love the digital art!

    mmmmm – I read so much, I am a total book geek so to pick just one authur to be my favorite is tough, so I will tell you my CURRENT favorite author… Fiona McIntosh

  22. Marie Says:

    Great image – beautifully dreamy and surreal. :P

  23. Cammie Says:

    I would definitley buy a deck of Tarot cards from you!

    My favorite author is Ray Bradbury. Love him!

  24. Sarah Pezdek-Smith (aka Rustic Relics) Says:

    Great image! Thank for posting the wonderful image links…i have not yet tried GIMP but will have to after you created such a wonderful piece with it. Sorry it has taken me so long to check out your blog. I have finally gotten the chance to check out your blog! I also added it to my Bloglines subscription Love you art! I’ll be back to visit again soon

  25. Kirsten Says:

    Beautiful! I love the way you have captured the sunlight streaming through the water

    Don’t know if I can name just one author, but I want in on the competition, so I had better – Matthew Reilly. But my favourite BOOK is the Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Haven’t read anything else by her yet so don’t know if she would be my favourite author.

  26. Lea Says:

    Oh, Tiffini. You blow me away with your magical images! This one is very mesmerizing. Sorry about tagging you although you must have been so busy with other things. Thanks so much for playing!

    And my favourite author is Mika Waltari…

  27. annax Says:

    Such a wonderful image!!


  28. kate Says:

    ok my first thought when viewing this was…OMG this is ME!! lol

    well done! cheers! Kate

  29. martha Says:

    I love your artwork! reminds of a book i read by my favorite author Isabel Allende, your artwork would perfectly illustrate her books!

  30. Sarah oh - I have thought of some funny things to write here - Says:

    ONE fave author? NOOOOOO – impossible!!
    But for the sake of playing, I’ll say Alice Hoffman.
    Will post my 5 things thing shortly.

  31. jeanne Says:

    i adore your work…it’s inspirational to say the have had me thinking of all kinds of things since i saw them…bravo!! My favorite author , Ernest Hemingway….makes you think… thanks again for exposing your talent!! Jeanne

  32. A. C. Says:

    I was already a fan, and yet you never cease to amaze me! As to a favourite author, how am I supposed to pick just one? Francesca Lia Block? Lewis Carroll? Jeanette Winterson? Dr. Seuss? The poetry of A. A. Milne or Amy Lowell or Edgar Allan Poe? Or the relatively unknown Gabrielle Halko, Kim Vollmer, and Cat Yampell? Are we thinking of a body of work or one particular book? Is it even possilbe for a true reader to have one favourite author any more than it is possible for a true art lover to have one favourite artist? I suppose I have waxed philosophical for long enough! Most likely, way too long!
    Still a fan, as are the friends who proudly wear your art!

  33. Claudine Says:

    ohh fun! a contest!
    my fav author is David Sedaris!!

  34. heather Says:

    I really love your stuff. I’ve bought a few things and sent a couple people your way. Your collages are great! Keep up the excellent work!

    Do you take requests for optical pendants?

    Favorite author — I have loads! Um… how about Neil Gaiman? I really enjoy his stuff.



  35. Becca Says:

    I’ve always loved your stuff, being a student from Greeley who loves going to Margie’s whenever I have quarters and swarming the vending machine for your art! Plus I think the pendant I recently bought from you is going to make my friend very happy!

    Fave author: too many…Rowling, Garth Nix, Phillp Pullman, and the indomitable Shakespeare are all waaaaay up there.

  36. Cleery Says:

    I love your stuff and am very glad to have found you! Like others, I have a hard time choosing just one author, so I have to say Helen Humphreys, Sarah Waters, John Irving and Lewis Carroll.

  37. Moonster Says:

    your photoshop imagery is AMAZING and RAD! You have outdone yourself!!! This does not look like beginner stuff. I will tune in often now that I know you are here!

  38. long-in-the-tooth Says:

    It is very hard to pick just one author just as it would be hard to pick just one of your pieces. Others seem not to be limiting themseIves so I’ll just list a few like Haruki Murakami, Emily Dickinson (and count poets among them), John Edgar Wideman, Rick Moody, Billy Collins, Richard Wilbur, Carson McCullers. Yes, David Sedaris is very funny too and great for listening on long car trips.

  39. tongue in cheek Says:

    I admire what you have created here, amazing underwater and use of color! You always surprise me with your gifted eye for detail!

  40. Laura Says:

    Your art work is superb..I have it and have bought for friends (cool freinds, only!!) anxious to view your progress….favorite author….Reichs, Stephen King…Capote…never really thought about it before…again..superb work!!

  41. Amy Zaleski Says:

    Howdy again…in response to your post on my “Z,”…I think I will eventually get around to doing an X. I am currently working on an A (to round out my intials of course 8) ) and am going to try and do the entire alphabet. If I can raise some capital, I do intend to make greeting cards. I appreciate your supportive comments ~ always nice to get a message from you.

  42. Miz Carla Says:

    Hey Cutie,
    Faboolicious earrings!!! I WANT them let’s see favorite author.. I guess I would have to say Margaret Mitchell…there’s no love story like “Gone w/ the wind” sigh.


  43. Flame Says:

    I think your work is stunning! I just bought some on eBay… and I can’t let myself pass up this chance to win some more! My favorite author is me! … I also like Victor Hugo, Shakespeare, Poe, Yeats and so many more.

  44. moonpiepuck Says:

    feliz cinco de mayo to one of my favorite artists on ebay. olé! the floating gal is indeed stunning. and can’t wait to add some earrings to my pendant collection.

    maybe my favorite author of all time – mark twain – could double as an icon for future pieces …

  45. Trevor Pitt Says:

    Wicked wicked piece Tiff! 8)
    It has a very magical maybe even haunting feel about it. I first think Houdini…but since it appears to be a female, maybe it’s Houdini in drag, maybe it’s his sister or maybe this is what David Blaine will turn into over the weekend while he’s still in his Human Fish Bowl.
    Regardless of who it is portraying, it’s way cool. I work in P-Shop every day and can admire when someone does bitchin’ stuff like this with it. I think the Smashing Pumpkins would be impressed with this too, it has the feel of one of their vids.

  46. Amanda Says:

    My favorite author is Ray Bradbury.

    I love your stuff! ::

  47. Bearsmom Says:

    Awesome image! Love your work

    Favorite writer is probably Stephen King. I have loads of other favorites but I know that 90% of the time if I pick up a King book I am going to be entertained.

  48. hanne Says:

    Hi thanks for your comment on my blog! I´m happy you like my article in Somerset Studio.
    I hope you´re aware of what a lot of wonderfull stuff you have in USA and GB – compared to here in Denmark! Here are no stampmagazines. neither do we have all thise sorts of materials – especially stamps – that you have! When i need stuff I must buy on the Net. It´s okay, but i envy you , you can go to a shop and actally look at and touch materials and tools before buying, lucky you1

  49. The Unknown Says:


  50. Eric Says:

    Great piece. It has a certain “City of Lost Children” feel to it. She looks so graceful really even hanging upside down. I love how you have her chillin’ around with the fishes, who look quite entertained by the whole affair. I love your aesthetic and the balance and harmony of this piece.