do not play a leap frog with a unicorn

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Carousel Americana – click for Supersize


This is one of the projects I have been working on over the past month the print is now in the shop. This piece was commissioned for a project that I can not spill the beans about yet. The Carousel is pieced together from old etchings and then colored in Photoshop. After finishing the piece I thought these winged horses would make fabulous Photoshop brushes. They are on the big side as this piece is just shy of 4 gigabytes. I did size the horses down a tad to make the brushes but they are still pretty big. However, I figure you can shrink them down easier than you can enlarge them.

I whipped out a quick set so help yourself – click on the picture for the download. These were made in CS3. I own all the images – of course use them for whatever you want. Commercial, not commercial, credit me, don’t credit me it is all good with me. thumb

horse photoshop brushes

It has just been a whirlwind these past few months. Lately, packing is taking about 6-8 hours a day. Which is kind of fun – I usually just jam out to music or listen to books on tape. My last book was Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. I adore his TV series No Reservations on the Travel channel. If you have not seen it before I highly recommend it! Anyway, the book is fabulous – sort of a cross between a memoir and a behind-the-scenes expose of the restaurant kitchen business. He is a great writer and his baritone voice is just right for an audio book. He is funny, irreverent, mildly obscene and crass with quite a big dash of humility. So as I listen to that I pack. . .spicing the packages up with freebies and stickers, etc. Which just makes packing more fun. However, packing tape is always so dull – I have come across a few nice ornamental tapes but I wanted my own. I went ahead and designed some and had a case of it made. Here is a piece of it on black paper – is it not just so cool?


My show at The Boulder Library is still up for a few more days. (I also have the art vending machine there).

November 30-January 6— Legends, Myths and Fanciful Tales Retold (Work by Tiffini Elektra X)
Public Reception: Friday, November 30, 5-7 p.m. in the Canyon Gallery

I am so very excited about it and will definitely post pictures and everything. I am really looking forward to showing some of my new pieces printed with my new Epson 7800 large format printer. It is the most amazing thing. . .ever! An early xmas present lets just say. There is just something so cool about seeing some of these pieces so huge! I just love it and I will be adding large prints to the shop soonish. I am not much for rolling a print up in a tube so I spent quite a lot of time investigating the best methods. I finally have that all narrowed down and I am waiting for my special packing materials so they can ship very well protected and flat.

Before I go a couple of links to suggest:

Trunkt, a juried shopping guide to independent artists and designers. This gorgeous site is so filled with amazing talent and creativity. You can sign up for a free wish list account and rate portfolios and things like that. I am still working on my portfolio it is listed under tartx
I definitely recommend checking it out – just a ton of inspiring beautiful items.

Jenny Hart’s interview at VenusZine. I thought this was just great. It really just summarizes what it takes to start and keep a business going. (This is only the first installment as well – can not wait for more!)

Have a fabulous rest of the week! I will be visiting soon. . .now that the holidays are over. . . I will finally have some free time! Xo Tiffini

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  1. LB Says:

    I love the pegasus’!!!! Beautiful work once again thumb

  2. Lea Says:

    Oh, what a darling collage, I LOVE caroussels! Beautiful work! And so lovely to hear from you after a long break. Good luck on that show and thanks for the links!
    And packing must be so much more fun with that cool tape you had made !

  3. Susan Tuttle Says:

    Amazing digi piece! I love those horses–cool idea on the brush!

    xoxo thumb

  4. alex s Says:

    I was just about to let out a sigh and say, well, she is so very busy…but instead I spied a brand new entry and a beautiful bunch o’art! So beautiful, and the horses are a treat.

    And to think you made your own tape!! How cool is that? So much cooler than if you were a musician and made a tape…. um. Ok. I’m wonky from putting together an entire Ikea bedroom set for my kid.


  5. lou Says:

    the carousel rocks! i love how the hay field appears to have spilled into the scene. and those brushes are genius, i could never have thought up something like that……..then, im not so adventurous with my ps brushes, and i ought to be by now, seeing as i live by the damned things!

    im smitten with the tape too.

    all my best wishes for the show, of course

  6. Erin Sassafras Says:

    yay for blog posts! weeeeee!

    and yay for carousels, too!

  7. just deb right now Says:

    Congrats on your show, this fabulous digital art (I cannot wait to hear about its “secret”, and all you have going. You are one fantastic, amazing artist – you just get better and better – you intrigue more than anyone I know.

  8. Polly Says:


  9. amanda button Says:

    I really love the new piece…i really stirs up some emotion me…reminds me of my “grand escape” from the farm i grew up on! It’s great! (both the escape, as well as the art!
    Hoe the show is marvelous…

  10. colleen Says:

    I love it. So liberating!

  11. mauricio Says:


    Always nice, nice, nice!

  12. jes Says:

    IM am SOOOO freakin’ envious of your new printer!! Merry Christmas to you Dear-one!

  13. julie Says:

    boy, am i glad i stopped by just now! something told me i should see if you’d checked in recently (for some reason i thought you mentioned early december as the next time you’d be be filling us in.) it’s so good to get an update! your latest is delightful. whimsy in an otherwise quiet, “salt-of-the-earth” setting, where life is very paced and routine. The dichotomy is wonderful. And there’s something especially magical about the farm being vacant–there’s no one around to witness it! Makes it all the more enchanting–one feels as if she, alone, is witnessing a secret flight! It’s utterly enjoyable!
    The horses are charming. The two mid-air are smiling! They look humbly pleased with themselves–it’s adorable! And their wings are perfect. The shadows are wonderful, as well–each and every bale of hay; the carousel, the farmhouse–i really appreciate how the setting is somewhat disparate from your previous pieces…and your work is just as imaginative and inspired. i can’t wait to see the project this belongs to!!!

    i’ve been meaning to tell a friend in boulder to make sure and check out your work, if anything so i can vicariously see the exhibit!!! i’ll be e-mailing her this week and i’m giving her the info. i’m excited to get her feedback. before i forget, i LOVE that you’ve made your own packing tape! as great as the ornamental tapes are, some of them are imports so it’s not always easy (or inexpensive) to stock up. plus, the design potential has only begun to be mined–as evidenced by your tape! it’s more than cool! count me in if you start selling it.

    as always, it was wonderful to read your latest! glad to hear you’ve been happily busy. i’ve written more than enough so i’m signing off! read1 hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! looking forward to your next post! take care! (i’m familiar with trunkt; i’ll look for you next time i’m on the site)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Do you know the song “I’m down the rabbit hole again” from ema & the ghosts…
    I’ve just discovered your work it’s wonderful.
    greetings from France.

  15. E-dogg Says:

    Tiffini, Tiffini, Tiffini,

    This piece is wonderful. It is so colorful and so inviting and so warm. It has a whimsy (the cool kind) and a seriousness (the good kind) both at the same time. I love the cohesiveness of the piece as a whole and I LOVE what you have done with the green, green grass separated from the freshly bailed hay. Killer. The shadows and the clouds kick ass. I am so drawn to the beautiful Americana aspect of this piece. You have captured it perfectly. The details and the crispness are really fantastic.

    What a sweet thing to do,,,,,,,,giving away the download of the winged horses.

    Your tape rules. It is THE coolest tape in the world……in the world!!!!! Your show at Canyon Gallery takes it to a ho nubba lebel!!! Your entire post is inspirational. Thank you and congratulations on your amazing show. Now get to work! smirk

  16. audrey h. Says:

    Hi Tiffini………love that carousel and the horses. You are always so kind to share things with people. Not that I know anything about photoshop or digital art but I still like those horses grin Good luck with your show…boy, i wish i could see it but I will have to wait till you post pics. Keep on having a wonderful holiday season. Oh, and if you have any cool weather send some here to FL…we are still in shorts. Later.

  17. C-Baby Says:

    I am SO JEALOUS!! I am not in Boulder!! And I’ve been checking your blog regularly to read new stuff! Those winged horses are dream-worthy. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great show. Love your work.


  18. Bejeweled Says:

    Wonderful carousel collage! Your winged horses are splendid! And I’ve never wished so much that I had photoshop

  19. Marie Says:

    Glad you’ve managed to score yourself a 7800 – I’m sure you will love it just as much as I do mine!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    you had your own tape made?
    How do you do that?
    You are wonderful!
    happy holidays!
    and Calamity Kim

  21. calamity kim Says:

    I can’t get over how wonderful you are!
    You designed your own tape?
    You are like some artistic genius!
    happy happy joyful holidays!
    tea and honey.
    Calamity kim.

  22. Lori Witzel Says:

    Yo Tiff! Cool carousel, I always thought those horsies could fly!

  23. willie Says:

    One of the funniest post titles ever. :-) And oddly enough, I’ve not heard of the Gotan project, but was just in Argentina and stayed at the Posada Gotan. Small world! ;-)

  24. Pepper Cloud Says:

    Looks like the place to be! Congratulations, it’s wonderful your selling so much work!

  25. Trevor Pitt "And The Pendulum" Says:

    Gooooooooood stuff Tiff! Sorry I’ve been such a stranger. I’ll remedy that, promise.

    So do my Lil Ponies grow up to look like THAT? Interesting.
    That packing tape is kick arse! Anything remotely resembling piracy is super cool in my book.

  26. Lea Says:

    Hello, again! Just stopped by to wish you Happy Holidays!!! I hope you’ll have a relaxing Xmas and an even better New Year! Chin chin!!

  27. Barbara Jacksier Says:


    I was trying to avoid working so I started following leads and feeling like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole came across your blog. Saw Alice. What a cool coincidence. My shuffle was playing an old NY Buenos Aires COnnection number. I think they changed their name recently. Love Gotan, too.

  28. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    What a wonderful piece! So much talent!

  29. rui sousa Says:

    great, nice and super!

  30. pati @-;-- Says:

    This is so cool!

    Happy new year! thumb

  31. Sylvia Anderson Says:

    I love your new Carousel piece…and thanks for the freebies! I am just learning how to use PSP Elements, so a lot of this is way over my head. I will be looking forward to seeing pics from your show since I can’t attend…congrat’s on that!! I am also looking forward to seeing your new creations for 2008!! grin

  32. Christine Clemmensen Says:

    WOW. This is awesome. The lights are … I have no words. Perfect IF. Congrats

  33. carlene Says:

    Tart, Dude!!! So nice to see a post from you again!!! Looks like you’re doing fab, YAAAAY for you!!! I must confess that I have lust in my heart for that packing tape of yours…it is amazing!!!
    Hope you had a great winter soltice, and can’t wait to see what you’ll create in ’08…
    (I really didn’t mean to make that cheesy rhyme…there are just too many words that sound like eight, lol!!!)

  34. The Unknown Says:

    What a great quote! Love the illustrations too.

  35. audrey h. Says:

    Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I am sure you are having a blast right now. Happy New Year!

  36. ChookMook™ » B.W.O. Says:

    [...] Tartx who blogs at Down the Rabbit Hole. She is a truly impressive mix media artists, who’s [...]

  37. Trowbridge Chronicles Says:

    I always enjoying your elegantly clever surreal images.

  38. human being Says:

    Hi. I was here through another blog… wanted to use the logo of Blogging without Obligation… I really loved the idea… then i was intersted in your carefree and at the same time thought-provoking way of talking about things.. I read some of your posts an looked at your art works…. Just wanted to say you are awesome…
    Thanks for the logo and inroducing the thought…

  39. alex s Says:

    Happy happy beautiful new year to you Ms. T.Elektra. May the angels be on your side. (xo)

  40. bohemiangirl Says:

    I just found your site and I think you are amazing. Your art is spellbinding. Thank you for inspiring and sharing all the freebies.

  41. Lelia Says:

    What an awesome blog … I’ve enjoyed going thru your posts.

  42. Dianne Says:

    what a lovely blog! I just found you from meno’s blog and I pulled off the “blogging w/out obligation” link. so true …

    your art is amazing.

    Happy February

  43. dollface design Says:

    just stumbled upon your gorgeous little blog, i’ve had you hearted on etsy for awhile and always drool over your gorgeous work on flickr, but hadn’t seen your blog yet, and of course it is the epitome of loveliness ♥ off to link you to my blog!
    ♥ layla ♥

  44. dollface design Says:

    p.s. just wanted to say i love the whole idea of “blogging without obligation”, i just started a blog this weekend, after procrastinating forvever, and i realize that the “obligatory post” was the core of my procrastination…i was worried that it was too much of a “committment” and that i wouldn’t be able to fulfill the obligation to post every day and that i would turn into, (eek) a “bad blogger”, so i thank you for cutting the ties that bind and freeing the people of blog land from their oppressor!
    ♥ layla ♥
    flickr: ms_mod

  45. kariandkijsa Says:

    Fabulous digi piece! think we will just pick out our horse and fly away!

    kari & kijsa

  46. Sandra Evertson Says:

    LOVE the winged horses!
    Very Grandeville! And that grass! I CAN FEEL it!
    Sandra Evertson

  47. Epic Honor Says:

    Hello I came upon your site through someone who had a Blogging Without Obligations button on their site. I put one on mine too. Thanks for putting into words what I have always felt smirk I love your artwork. You should do a show in Co Springs so I can attend grin

  48. Ony Says:

    I stumbled here lacking sleep and full of coughs on the recommendation of a friend. I adore the idea of Blogging Without Obligation and am loving your art (I’ve a deep affection for carousels).

  49. benconservato Says:

    How are you?
    I have given you a little award: “You make my Day” in fact.
    When you have time, check out my blog.

  50. Anna Jones Says:

    You are very funny and very generous. I love your art. Will have to take some sometime and make something…

    Found you through Caro’s blog (

  51. Jennifer Says:

    I adore your winged horses–so creative and inspiring. I’ve been unable to collage (just had a baby!) and I *miss* it a lot. I came back to your store and blog for inspiration because I admire your work so much! Good luck with everything.

  52. karen cole Says:

    First time here.

    LOVE your blogging philosophy and your images.

  53. sonrie Says:

    I just found the code for ‘blogging without obligation.’ thanks for sharing!

  54. Orangeblossoms Says:

    I love the fantasty here…. AND the reality. Thanks, also for the, “Blogging without Obligation” movement. I wanna make pretty things like you…..