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Mizuko in Her Octopus Garden

Mizuko in Her Octopus Garden (Click for Supersize) Illio Friday topic – Garden

So I was almost done with this piece just needed a shadow here or there, another blade of grass, etc. I go to turn my computer on and it has crashed. Luckily, after spending the entire weekend working and thanks to information on the internets I was finally able to get it back up and running. Which made me so frickin’ happy since this piece is comprised of about 200 layers and I had added about 50 layers since backing it up externally. Of course I immediately backed up everything!! Must remember to always – always – regularly back things up.
Not sure if she is done yet. . .needs more work I think but gotta step away to decide what needs work. Getting close though. . .

Marie Antoinette I have been working on some other projects that I should be able to post soon. Also, some freebies coming up that I just did not have time to finish. Here is one of my more recent lighted pieces. Also, click for Supersize.

So before I go I wanted to share some art business-y info and stuff.

If you don’t do bunches of shipping the rest of this post will be hella boring. Sorry!

For the past few months shipping has just been a different world for me. A lot of shipping. . .a lot. I came across a service called Endicia. Oh so awesome! Unfortunately, it is not free, it’s $9/month for the basic service. You can buy and print postage from your computer like you can with Paypal (which is a free service). There multi-shipping service rocks you do all your labels at once and you can set presets for things you ship often but you can only use it for Domestic shipping! Such a bummer! Which is why finding Endicia was just fabulous! When you do your International labels it also fills out your customs form and combines it with your shipping label. Ah. . .no pesky green customs form to fill out by hand for each and every package anymore. Unlike Click and Ship and Paypal it works for First Class International not just Priority Mail. Most excellently with this type of customs form you don’t have to wait in line to give it to an actual person anymore! Just stick in the mail, drop it off at the post, etc.

Both Endicia and Paypal let you print out a SCAN form. Oh the SCAN form. . .how do I love thee. I add Delivery Confirmation to all my packages just for my piece of mind that way I can tell when something was delivered. What a lot of people do not realize though is that Delivery Confirmation is not tracking. It is just Confirmation of Delivery and often times the package will not be scanned until it is delivered. Sometimes even after it has been a few days since the package has been dropped off when you click on the Delivery Confirmation link it still says “USPS has been notified by the shipper to expect a package”. Ugh!! Now to a customer this makes it look like their package has not been dropped off yet. Also, it does not prove you actually shipped the item. The SCAN form is just one piece of paper your print out that contains a master barcode that represents all the packages in a shipment. When I put that with my packages the post scans that and that changes all my Delivery Confirmation links to “Shipment Accepted”. So that eliminates extra emails for me because now the customer can see that the package was indeed delivered and has entered into the Post’s mail stream.

Now that best part they offer low cost domestic and International insurance that you can use for First Class or Priority Mail, etc.

  • Domestic – $1.10 per $100.00 value
  • International – $2.10 per 100.00 value.The costs get lower as well if you have better plans that is for the standard plan. Oh and also for domestic first class I can use these labels that get 4 to a page. You can also insert graphics, your logo, change the font to spiffy up your label. They also have cute circle and oval labels! Of course you gotta pack things cute so labels get cut with my lovely Carl. Mmmmm. . .decorative edges!

Anyway – it has been a life saver since there is not an insurance option from the post when sending things First Class International. Now I don’t have to fret when I send out expensive orders and wholesale orders overseas. Well, speaking of shipping I am done with todays and I gotta go squeeze in some art time. Deadlines! Plus, I really need to get out and visit peoples blogs! I just keep slinking away from the virtual world. I don’t know why I just know that I adore my well. . I don’t what to call it. . my actual world. Back soon. Xo, Tex

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65 Responses to “single bee sends gathering of humans into helpless panic”

  1. carla Says:

    Well hello! 250 layers! I always thought you were one complex gal:> This is wonderfully mysterious (must be the things hidden in the layers), atmospheric and exotic. It’s most certainly a magical garden! The light boxes are gorgeous too… can’t wait to see more. It’s great to see this uniquely-yours work!

  2. the lone beader Says:

    That’s not the octopus’s garden I’ve been thinking. of…

  3. Curious Art Says:

    Hello from a fellow octopoid! Beautiful painting, & boy, do I know what you mean about 1. layers & 2. backing up. The harder I’ve been working on a digital piece, the more likely Photoshop will crash. I have to set a timer to remind me.

    I really love the lighted piece. Very inspiring!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Hey there! I am pretty new to your blog but just wanted to say how original I find your work. It is terrific to come across someone who is creating something which doesn’t just remind me of something else I’ve seen. Perhaps it is in the intricacy (and the 250 layers!!!)

  5. Laura Says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog and I am in love, love, love with your art. Thanking you so much for sharing!

  6. Susan Tuttle Says:

    Mizuko is beyond stunning!! Thank goodness you didn’t lose her when your computer crashed! Your digital work is superb!

    Hope you are well.


  7. Leandro Cesar (Brasil) Says:

    My God!!! What beautifull site!!!
    I’m a brazilian man!
    Whithout words with so beautifull images!!!
    Leandro Cesar

  8. Sandi(sugarbushfarm) Says:

    Tiffini, this is some seriously gorgeous digital work!!!!!!!!!!!! What a disaster if it had been lost, bet you were sweating that one! Also, love your light box! It’s always fun to see what you will do next.


  9. fengshulee julee! Says:

    diggin’ your work, lady!

  10. Lea Says:

    I ADORE that light box, the Marie Antoinette image is beautiful and the fish bring lovely, quirky humour to the whole thing… Fantastic work! The Octopus Garden has a beautiful, mystical mood to it. I love the colours and can’t even imagine 250 layers of anything so I just bow in awe…
    I recently went to the ballet to see Sleeping Beauty and was hugely inspired by the sets and costumes. Your work has the same effect with all the flowers, ribbons, lace, layers and luscious colours. xoxo!


  11. Mike Jennings Says:

    I adore your light boxes; I hope to see one in person someday.

    The many machines in my house are gradually being replaced with Macs. We’ve been using NetStamps for years but we’re about to switch to what the USPS now has, which has no monthly charge. It mostly just requires a Web browser but for all the nice things you were describing you need a Windows program called Shipping Assistant.. If running it under Windows with VMWare Fusion is too obnoxious, we’ll take a look at Endicia. International is a Big Deal for us so I’m intrigued.

  12. Sophie Says:

    Just discovered your blog and I’m really impressed! Your writing style is very witty, wonderful art as well thumb

  13. erika t Says:

    holy macaroni, this is cool. i love it! my favoritist yet! wow, wish i was you.

  14. orangeblossoms Says:

    I am completely in LOVE with the octopus garden. Completely.

  15. Epic Honor Says:

    Hello again!

    I was reading a few pages back and came across the Cinderella illustration. I’d like to use it as my desktop background but when I click on it, it says image not available

    btw, I love the soft moonlight in the octopus garden

  16. Michael Says:

    This is seriously turning into quite the epic piece! I can’t wait to see the final version on the wall somewhere!

  17. Sheri Says:

    Awesome blog! Great to find you. Layers….I get it, I get it! My poor computer sometimes groans under the weight.

    Will be adding you to my inspiration list. Thanks for the laughs i.e.”feel free to scratch my name out and put yours there instead! ” This has pretty much happened to me with am image I finally had to take off my site!

    I’ll be back….


  18. AscenderRisesAbove Says:

    it has been awhile since i have peeked in last… see how much I have missed!! (i agree; back up often!)

  19. krysradz Says:

    I am in awe and in love. Is this piece (Mizuko) one that you plan on making available as a digital print . . . or was it commissioned?

  20. Deryn Mentock Says:

    Tiffini, Muzuko is incredible! I LOVE her!

  21. Theresa Says:

    I borrowed one of your images today. Thanks for your open policy. Your art is fantastic and I think it’s worth sharing. Cheers.

  22. AnnieH Says:

    Borrowed your BYOB logo, but could not see your work and tell you how lovely it is. Mizuko is a treasure. Octopus Garden, hmmm…an octave of octupi! See ya soon, and BACK UP OFTEN!! Annie

  23. AnnieH Says:

    OK, I’m a moron at typing. Could not see your work and NOT tell you how lovely it is. AnnieH :-)

  24. audrey h. Says:

    Hey Tiffini…….love your latest digi piece. gorgeous as always. I am really loving your new light piece it is stunning. Hope you are having an awesome weekend

  25. E-dogg Says:

    Amazing piece Tiffini. I can’t tell what my favorite part is…………I love the moving fan, The perfectly placed Koi, The gorgeous colors of Mizukos kimono, The light reflecting perfectly off the water and stepping stones, maybe it’s the perfect use of subtle and dramatic shadowing. There is so much more involved in this piece than first meets they eye. Your collection just gets better and better. I have to say, I really think you have outdone yourself on this one though. Congratulations! You’ve taken it to a Ho Nubba Level!

  26. AnnieH Says:

    Hello again! Borrowed your piece of The Mermaid to illustrate an Emily Dickenson poem. Also posted a note about your work for all my ones and twos of readers. Thanks for the loveliness!

  27. elaytya Says:


    Beautifully inspirational work! Luv it- luv it….

    Have used the ‘BWO’ banner– it’s so nice to have this as a reminder that we can’t take things too seriously– thanks for your creativity and genorosity.


  28. waterrose Says:

    I’m not exactly sure how I got here, but I’m glad that I did.

  29. carlene Says:

    TEX!!! Yee-haw! So great to hear from you again! Thanx for your nice comments, looks like you’ve caught up on my ‘blog’ news, can’t wait to catch up on yours!
    BTW, gonna be in Chey-town area late June/early July, would love to get together again!
    Your Ocotopus garden is lovely…but made me hungry for sushi, lol!

  30. Morna Says:

    Wonderful blog! Thanks so much for the BWO box – I have added it to my blog. I look forward to doing more exploring here.

  31. mauricio Says:

    awesome 2x

    take care

  32. Peggi Says:

    Hey Tiffini!

    Wanted to stop by and say HEY – hope you’re doing well =) Love the octupus garden pic – very well done!

    Best wishes, Peggi xoxo

  33. jes Says:

    Hello Darling Girl!! It seems like it’s been ages!!!!!!!!

    I have to tell you that I LOVE the newest light box!! Quite fab and all decked out in Tiffini style!!

    I have been doing a lot more shipping lately….must check this out!

    Heading to NYC at the end of May to help Hope and Leslie set up for the stationary show. One day, you need to come meet us there….

    till the next time….hugs and kisses!

  34. ~JJ! Says:

    Gorgeous Artwork.

    I am a huge fan of art in every medium.

    Nice to meet you, I followed you over from your BWO button…I took one too.

  35. Deb L Says:

    Hey girlie! It’s been a long time since we touched base… am loving the digital and as far as the light box goes… I just sighhhhh with longing Hope things are good in your little corner of the world ~ xox Deb

  36. DreamWeaver Says:

    I accidentally stumbled onto your blog site and I’m blown away by your incredible art works. For someone (me) who’s thinking of starting up a blog…I’m totally inspired and love your attitude to blogging. I’m amazed that you even find time to blog….wow but I’m glad you do!! I love your tutorials and I might even have a go at selling on ebay…I certainly spend enough time buying. Maybe even look at selling on Etsy….this is too exciting for words! I’ll be dropping by regularly to see what you’re up to and tagging you as a favourite! xx

  37. brightlightwarriornika Says:

    love your art!

  38. Angela Says:

    I love all the Japanese elements. Wonderful piece!!

    Thanks for all the shipping info.

  39. valgalart Says:

    This is an exquisite piece and the above picture of you is awesome Happy to see you are cranking out the goodness haha just kidding I know you are crazy busy so you don’t need to respond but I was missing you

  40. Sal @ notacandystore Says:

    What beautiful and breathtaking work on the octopus there!

  41. Bee Says:

    Oh, this blog is just wonderful and you seem like a gorgeous person.
    Have popped one of your badges on my blog

  42. kim Says:

    You are always so helpful. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Loved this illustration and the unicorns. You are a hard worker. Keep it up, miss famous!

  43. Denise Fontaine Says:

    Wow Thank you for all the info!
    So inspiring!
    Happy Creating Denise

  44. benconservato Says:

    She is around ! Yeah! Lovely work as usual Ms. Tartx.

  45. Missy Says:

    BEAUTIFIL ART! So glad that you backed up your computer and did not lose this piece! WOW! ~ Missy

  46. Laura Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for ‘Blogging Without Obligation’. I wear my badge with pride

  47. Lauren Says:

    , our art work is amazing!! love it

  48. Lauren Says:


  49. Red Dog Scott Says:

    I’ve been wanting to scope out your stuff and finally have done so. PARTICULARLY dig the “Never play leap frog…” Can’t wait to hear what the ‘secret’ project is you’ve arted that piece for. ;P Well done, woman! Red

  50. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    I love that painting, so mysterious and magical. You’ve got a lovely blog with lots of lovely artwork.

  51. Kate Says:

    Hi! LOVE your Octopus garden. I love the complexity, and would absolutely love to see this 250+ layer file so I can dissect it and see just how exactly you’ve done it.

  52. julie Says:

    Tiffini–as usual, you’ve created an enchanting, mysterious world in this latest piece and I’m loving all the little delicate intricacies, each one so immaculately detailed. The Cherry Blossom Tree in itself is a masterpiece–the blossoms are so incredibly lifelike–it’s absolutely beautiful. Not a bloom has been overlooked; it’s amazing. The way the petals are falling and floating on the pond is lyrical. And Monet being my favorite artist, I adore your waterlilies. Like the cherry blossoms, each one is individual and, along w/the few, scattered lotuses (loti?), the school of koi, and the reflective, ever so slightly rippling pond, the mini waterscape is a little world within itself! (The reflection in the water is utterly amazing, by the way!)
    Your imagination never fails to travel to places and scenarios that are, to me, entirely unique and vastless in ideas and creativity. For instance, I’d never imagine an octopus as a pet or a beloved, endearing creature, and yet you’ve made it so, as the beautiful, little “Mizuko” cradles her multi-limbed friend. The way she holds her fan looks as if she’s welcoming the viewer into her secret haven. I’m reminded of The Secret Garden and I wonder if Mizuko was meant as a counterpart to Mary from Burnett’s classic novel.
    Mizuko’s earnest expression, the light from the full moon, the dim of the sky–all cast a mysterious mood, but moreso in a mesmerizing, intriguing manner rather than a haunting one. There’s a serenity to this piece, marked especially by the gentle, soft stars that are almost woven into the sky, like treasures to be found. The labor you put into “Mizuko” is not lost on this observer; it’s obvious you’ve put a great deal of effort and time into your latest artwork. Well done, Tiffini! So glad you were able to restore it after your comp. crashed. Can’t wait to see the final piece when you decide what you need for her to be finished ; I have to agree that you’re definitely getting close!

  53. Desirée Delgado Says:

    I LOVE your blog!!!! and your original artwork is amazing!!!

  54. tarabu Says:

    beautiful work – I am tickled to have found you!

  55. Yira Says:

    Great site. So glad I found it. The art work is amazing. I know I’ll be back. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  56. Renee Says:

    Wooohoo Your Up, I added your button

  57. Dawne Says:

    Mizuko is just gorgeous and stunning! And totally cool.

  58. Juddie Says:

    So lovely!

  59. slacker-chick Says:

    Hi – I found your blog via a link to your Blogging W/O Obligation post and I have become entranced by your art! It’s magical and inspiring (it may inspire a post that I’m “obligated” to write ). Thank you!

  60. Jenn@ You know... that Blog? Says:

    Good morning! Was just poking around your site, which I found via BWO (a lovely concept I must say) Your work is beautiful and unique – and very very intricate!

    I’ll have to check out that Endicia, although I bet it won’t work for me in Canada…

    So… what have you been up to lately? Kidding – this whole BWO thing is taking some getting used to.

    Have a terrific day!

  61. electromozzo Says:


  62. sage Says:

    I’m so happy for you that you didn’t loose your WORK!!!

    I’ve been there before.. not a happy day!

    I’m off to go check out Endicia.. I use, but it’s about $15 per month, so if I could save some bucks it would be terrific.. thanks for the link!

    (i really like your little smiley faces.. lol)

  63. Anonymous Says:

    I love your site! I have a question: I tried downloading the Wonderland Brushes but Photoshop won’t recognize it– is there something I am not doing right??
    I am working on an Alice clock for my AIW obsessed daughter Sadie and these brushes would be incredible for me!

    My email is:

    Thanks much. I will visiting your pages often.


  64. Calliopespen Says:

    This blog is an absolute treat! Came to you from the Dark Lord, and so glad I stumbled in! Beautiful! You are remarkably talented

  65. MrsB Says:

    I stumbled across your Etsy shop today while looking for items to include in an article on gifts for kitchen witches. Just love your stuff!

    I included your witchy wine charms in my list. If you’d like, you can check it out here:
    .-= MrsB´s last blog ..Blog Giveaway: Holiday Ornament from Picard Creative! =-.