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Mizuko in Her Octopus Garden

Mizuko in Her Octopus Garden (Click for Supersize) Illio Friday topic – Garden

So I was almost done with this piece just needed a shadow here or there, another blade of grass, etc. I go to turn my computer on and it has crashed. Luckily, after spending the entire weekend working and thanks to information on the internets I was finally able to get it back up and running. Which made me so frickin’ happy since this piece is comprised of about 200 layers and I had added about 50 layers since backing it up externally. Of course I immediately backed up everything!! Must remember to always – always – regularly back things up.
Not sure if she is done yet. . .needs more work I think but gotta step away to decide what needs work. Getting close though. . .

Marie Antoinette I have been working on some other projects that I should be able to post soon. Also, some freebies coming up that I just did not have time to finish. Here is one of my more recent lighted pieces. Also, click for Supersize.

So before I go I wanted to share some art business-y info and stuff.

If you don’t do bunches of shipping the rest of this post will be hella boring. Sorry!

For the past few months shipping has just been a different world for me. A lot of shipping. . .a lot. I came across a service called Endicia. Oh so awesome! Unfortunately, it is not free, it’s $9/month for the basic service. You can buy and print postage from your computer like you can with Paypal (which is a free service). There multi-shipping service rocks you do all your labels at once and you can set presets for things you ship often but you can only use it for Domestic shipping! Such a bummer! Which is why finding Endicia was just fabulous! When you do your International labels it also fills out your customs form and combines it with your shipping label. Ah. . .no pesky green customs form to fill out by hand for each and every package anymore. Unlike Click and Ship and Paypal it works for First Class International not just Priority Mail. Most excellently with this type of customs form you don’t have to wait in line to give it to an actual person anymore! Just stick in the mail, drop it off at the post, etc.

Both Endicia and Paypal let you print out a SCAN form. Oh the SCAN form. . .how do I love thee. I add Delivery Confirmation to all my packages just for my piece of mind that way I can tell when something was delivered. What a lot of people do not realize though is that Delivery Confirmation is not tracking. It is just Confirmation of Delivery and often times the package will not be scanned until it is delivered. Sometimes even after it has been a few days since the package has been dropped off when you click on the Delivery Confirmation link it still says “USPS has been notified by the shipper to expect a package”. Ugh!! Now to a customer this makes it look like their package has not been dropped off yet. Also, it does not prove you actually shipped the item. The SCAN form is just one piece of paper your print out that contains a master barcode that represents all the packages in a shipment. When I put that with my packages the post scans that and that changes all my Delivery Confirmation links to “Shipment Accepted”. So that eliminates extra emails for me because now the customer can see that the package was indeed delivered and has entered into the Post’s mail stream.

Now that best part they offer low cost domestic and International insurance that you can use for First Class or Priority Mail, etc.

  • Domestic – $1.10 per $100.00 value
  • International – $2.10 per 100.00 value.The costs get lower as well if you have better plans that is for the standard plan. Oh and also for domestic first class I can use these labels that get 4 to a page. You can also insert graphics, your logo, change the font to spiffy up your label. They also have cute circle and oval labels! Of course you gotta pack things cute so labels get cut with my lovely Carl. Mmmmm. . .decorative edges!

Anyway – it has been a life saver since there is not an insurance option from the post when sending things First Class International. Now I don’t have to fret when I send out expensive orders and wholesale orders overseas. Well, speaking of shipping I am done with todays and I gotta go squeeze in some art time. Deadlines! Plus, I really need to get out and visit peoples blogs! I just keep slinking away from the virtual world. I don’t know why I just know that I adore my well. . I don’t what to call it. . my actual world. Back soon. Xo, Tex

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