single bee sends gathering of humans into helpless panic

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Mizuko in Her Octopus Garden

Mizuko in Her Octopus Garden (Click for Supersize) Illio Friday topic – Garden

So I was almost done with this piece just needed a shadow here or there, another blade of grass, etc. I go to turn my computer on and it has crashed. Luckily, after spending the entire weekend working and thanks to information on the internets I was finally able to get it back up and running. Which made me so frickin’ happy since this piece is comprised of about 200 layers and I had added about 50 layers since backing it up externally. Of course I immediately backed up everything!! Must remember to always – always – regularly back things up.
Not sure if she is done yet. . .needs more work I think but gotta step away to decide what needs work. Getting close though. . .

Marie Antoinette I have been working on some other projects that I should be able to post soon. Also, some freebies coming up that I just did not have time to finish. Here is one of my more recent lighted pieces. Also, click for Supersize.

So before I go I wanted to share some art business-y info and stuff.

If you don’t do bunches of shipping the rest of this post will be hella boring. Sorry!

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do not play a leap frog with a unicorn

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Carousel Americana – click for Supersize


This is one of the projects I have been working on over the past month the print is now in the shop. This piece was commissioned for a project that I can not spill the beans about yet. The Carousel is pieced together from old etchings and then colored in Photoshop. After finishing the piece I thought these winged horses would make fabulous Photoshop brushes. They are on the big side as this piece is just shy of 4 gigabytes. I did size the horses down a tad to make the brushes but they are still pretty big. However, I figure you can shrink them down easier than you can enlarge them.

I whipped out a quick set so help yourself – click on the picture for the download. These were made in CS3. I own all the images – of course use them for whatever you want. Commercial, not commercial, credit me, don’t credit me it is all good with me. thumb

horse photoshop brushes

It has just been a whirlwind these past few months. Lately, packing is taking about 6-8 hours a day. Which is kind of fun – I usually just jam out to music or listen to books on tape. My last book was Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. I adore his TV series No Reservations on the Travel channel. If you have not seen it before I highly recommend it! Anyway, the book is fabulous – sort of a cross between a memoir and a behind-the-scenes expose of the restaurant kitchen business. He is a great writer and his baritone voice is just right for an audio book. He is funny, irreverent, mildly obscene and crass with quite a big dash of humility. So as I listen to that I pack. . .spicing the packages up with freebies and stickers, etc. Which just makes packing more fun. However, packing tape is always so dull – I have come across a few nice ornamental tapes but I wanted my own. I went ahead and designed some and had a case of it made. Here is a piece of it on black paper – is it not just so cool?


My show at The Boulder Library is still up for a few more days. (I also have the art vending machine there).

November 30-January 6— Legends, Myths and Fanciful Tales Retold (Work by Tiffini Elektra X)
Public Reception: Friday, November 30, 5-7 p.m. in the Canyon Gallery

I am so very excited about it and will definitely post pictures and everything. I am really looking forward to showing some of my new pieces printed with my new Epson 7800 large format printer. It is the most amazing thing. . .ever! An early xmas present lets just say. There is just something so cool about seeing some of these pieces so huge! I just love it and I will be adding large prints to the shop soonish. I am not much for rolling a print up in a tube so I spent quite a lot of time investigating the best methods. I finally have that all narrowed down and I am waiting for my special packing materials so they can ship very well protected and flat.

Before I go a couple of links to suggest:

Trunkt, a juried shopping guide to independent artists and designers. This gorgeous site is so filled with amazing talent and creativity. You can sign up for a free wish list account and rate portfolios and things like that. I am still working on my portfolio it is listed under tartx
I definitely recommend checking it out – just a ton of inspiring beautiful items.

Jenny Hart’s interview at VenusZine. I thought this was just great. It really just summarizes what it takes to start and keep a business going. (This is only the first installment as well – can not wait for more!)

Have a fabulous rest of the week! I will be visiting soon. . .now that the holidays are over. . . I will finally have some free time! Xo Tiffini

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